Status of AmigAIM (Copied from my personal journal)

Ok, so - what is the latest status of AmigAIM, you ask? Or don't you care?

Anyway, if you do care, main changes to my current internal versions are...

1) Server Stored Info(SSI) - Buddy Lists and such...
2) Internal Semi-Automatic updates after check from homepage server
3) Modified Logging System - should allow loading of logs by date, rather than having to load entire log (I have an external program written to convert old logs to new log format)
4) A Special Mode to Relog On after Being kicked offline by another client elsewhere (Includes a timer for possible prevention of deadlock between two copies of AmigAIM continuously going back and forth)
5) Program has been changed to use the AIM protocol used in version 4.3.2229 of the PC AIM Client for the most part (SSI is mandatory in 4.3+, as the old style Buddy Lists are no longer accepted)
6) Partially Expanded Privacy system - SSI added/changed a few things and how they are handled.
7) When allowed, messages from users not on Buddy List will open new window, but are not added to Buddy List at all (Temporary classification is gone)
8) A few other things - all of which are causing errors at some locations...
9) I removed things in creating a SSI version, which I keep forgetting to re add (In fact until about a week ago, I had forgotten to allow receiving of Messages from people not on the Buddy List)

My next plans are for the addition of File Transfer, after I get my current version bug fixed for the current additions. (And readd stuff I keep forgetting I removed)

- Fortunately, the last addition I had made to AmigAIM before the current program (which was a complete rewrite), was a file transfer system which was rather buggy and wasn't correctly integrated into the program for the most part, so I do have some rather functional File Transfer code to fall back on (from the source code I saved from the previous version), even if it requires lots of rewriting...