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A slight update on AmigAIM progress...and teasers

AmigAIM Alpha...
- Somewhat Localizable (Actually, the current Beta is also, but it doesn't
currently use CatComp, or the related files)
- Uses New Log system - By Day (Converts on first run of new version)
- Fully Operational Server Sided Info (Compliant with PC AIM)
-- Buddy List
-- Deny/Allow Lists
-- Other Assorted Online Preferences
-- Alias stored for Each Buddy (GAIM compatible method)
-- Comment stored for each Buddy
- Semi Automatic Update system for Checking and Downloading New Versions
-- Probably will be delayed for later use
- File Transfer (Most definitely for later release)
-- I have quite functional but buggy code, so I'm having to redesign the code
-- This will take quite sometime as I have an actual job which has nothing to
do with any programming for the Amiga

There are many items that aren't yet reimplemented as they were removed while
rebuilding the Server Side systems, which is the main reason the current
internal Alpha version is not able to be publically released.
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