January 27th, 2006

AREXX ... events?


I was wondering about the feasibility of having an AREXX script be notified when an IM is received. I would like to set up a virtual "answering machine" which goes a bit beyond the typical capabilities of the ordinary away message. It would go something like this:

[somebody][00:15:00]: Hello!
[automated AREXX][00:15:01]: Sorry, he is not here right now. Is this urgent? (y/n)
[somebody][00:15:02]: n
[automated AREXX][00:15:03]: OK, then type your message and I will see that he gets it.
[somebody][00:15:04]: Just wanted to bother you about nothing in particular.
[automated AREXX][00:15:05]: OK, Great. I have recorded this and will make sure he gets the message! Anything else to add? (y/n)
[somebody][00:15:06]: n
[automated AREXX][00:15:07]: OK, Bye!

Any idea if this is feasible?

Thanks so much for such a great AIM client. I can only imagine the intense amount of work that have gone into AmigAIM.
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