AREXX ... events?


I was wondering about the feasibility of having an AREXX script be notified when an IM is received. I would like to set up a virtual "answering machine" which goes a bit beyond the typical capabilities of the ordinary away message. It would go something like this:

[somebody][00:15:00]: Hello!
[automated AREXX][00:15:01]: Sorry, he is not here right now. Is this urgent? (y/n)
[somebody][00:15:02]: n
[automated AREXX][00:15:03]: OK, then type your message and I will see that he gets it.
[somebody][00:15:04]: Just wanted to bother you about nothing in particular.
[automated AREXX][00:15:05]: OK, Great. I have recorded this and will make sure he gets the message! Anything else to add? (y/n)
[somebody][00:15:06]: n
[automated AREXX][00:15:07]: OK, Bye!

Any idea if this is feasible?

Thanks so much for such a great AIM client. I can only imagine the intense amount of work that have gone into AmigAIM.
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A slight update on AmigAIM progress...and teasers

AmigAIM Alpha...
- Somewhat Localizable (Actually, the current Beta is also, but it doesn't
currently use CatComp, or the related files)
- Uses New Log system - By Day (Converts on first run of new version)
- Fully Operational Server Sided Info (Compliant with PC AIM)
-- Buddy List
-- Deny/Allow Lists
-- Other Assorted Online Preferences
-- Alias stored for Each Buddy (GAIM compatible method)
-- Comment stored for each Buddy
- Semi Automatic Update system for Checking and Downloading New Versions
-- Probably will be delayed for later use
- File Transfer (Most definitely for later release)
-- I have quite functional but buggy code, so I'm having to redesign the code
-- This will take quite sometime as I have an actual job which has nothing to
do with any programming for the Amiga

There are many items that aren't yet reimplemented as they were removed while
rebuilding the Server Side systems, which is the main reason the current
internal Alpha version is not able to be publically released.
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Development is back on, sort of...

I was unable to get the original HD operating, so I've had to putup
with the one year old backup copy. I've reimplemented the changes in
the Beta release, and rereleased the new version. Unfortunately, the
internal Alpha version has lots of changes, which I don't have copies
of any documentation for. Development is going on...
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All Development On Hold

As reported in a reply in the AmigAIM Mailing List, the HD on my Amiga holding all my programs has had a major malfunction. As such, the development of all my programs for the Amiga are currently, as the very least, 1 year behind now on development - if I can even get them from my Amiga Forever backup systems. I am currently attempting to get an identical drive to try out a new main board in the drive to see if I can recover anything from the drive, as it appears the electronics have failed and not necessarily the media.

As such, until further notice, all my programming projects have been put on indeterminate hold.
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AmigAIM V 0.9443 Released

Ok, so it is just a maintenance release, as it only removes one reconnection bug which has been around quite a while. But, I figured I needed to make a new release for it, as that problem can be annoying. (My internal Alpha had the same problem until I fixed it just before fixing this release)
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Official NList Updated

Just a note that the NList Custom class has been given an official update, which includes the capability I added to the unofficial update I made some time ago. As that is the case, I've made that version available from the website.